Academic research

E-CREDA provides young
 academics with the opportunity
to access unique real estate data sets
to carry out research projects.

The goal is to select researchers that
possess the requisite knowledge,
skills, and passion to collaborate
effectively on the selected
research projects.

Whenever researchers have identified
a specific research project that
requires the usage of data, E-CREDA
can act as a facilitator and advisor
for obtaining real estate data.

Selection criteria

The selection of researchers will be based
on a throughout evaluation of their academic achievements, relevant and necessary experience and commitment
to the objectives of the project.

Additionally, consideration will be given
to diversity, including disciplinary backgrounds, perspectives and demographics, to foster dynamic
and inclusive research environment.

The selection process may involve
reviewing application, conducting
interviews, and consulting with
faculty advisors.

Research topics

Co-movements of CRE markets from a tactical perspective

How do office, retail and logistics markets react under shocks in the space and asset market? Which is first and what are main drivers?

The natural vacancy rate of office markets

Fundamental knowledge and application to European office property markets. Why is it important and are the consequences of a deviation?

Can we predict the bottom of the real estate cycle?

What models can be used to predict the turning points in CRE? What is a cycle, a turning point and how long do they last across asset classes?

Please send the application to
Deadline for application: 31st of July 2024